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David M. Dunne Solicitors provide our legal services to those who have suffered personal injury*, assisting with all types of claims which come under the umbrella of personal injuries*.

Road Traffic Accidents
Uninsured Motor Accidents
Workplace Accidents
Claims for Minors/ Children
Fatal Claims
Slip/ Trip Accidents
Accidents in Public Places
Accidents Abroad

If you become involved in an incident which results in personal injury* through no fault of your own, it is important that you take the following steps:

Report the incident – you should report the incident to the appropriate person or authority and confirm with them that the incident has been properly recorded/documented.
Document the incident – the more information you can compile, the easier it will be to make your case. We recommend attaining photos of the scene (showing the cause if possible), information on expenses, loss of earnings, eye witness accounts, as well as any other documentation you deem relevant to your case.
Seek medical attention – you should seek medical assistance and attain a full medical report, as we may use this information to make your case. Of course, in more serious situations, seeking medical assistance will be the first step.
Contact a personal injury* solicitor – involving a personal injury* solicitor early on can help with speeding up the claims process.

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Road Traffic Accidents

We assist with all types of road traffic accident claims, including:

Accidents involving uninsured drivers
Claims from The Driver*
Claims from the car passenger*
Accidents involving pedestrians

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